Monday, October 10, 2011

What Anna's recent agitation did is that it not only captivated the minds of numerous youths in the country but also motivated them to do something constructive for their motherland and development of the society where they live in. Taking inspiration from that movement and hearing to his inner voice Balasaheb Darade, a well educated youth has came back to Lonar to throw himself in the development work of Lonar and villages around.
Dreaming to bring glory for his own place and setting a role model of sustainable development of villages, Balasaheb Darade has returned to Lonar leaving his lucrative salaries jobs and promising carrer. An Electronics and Telecommnication Engineer from Jawaharlal Nehru Engineeing College, Aurangabad, Darade did his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Cincinnati, USA. He also worked with many reputed companies in the field of IT in India and abroad.
Balasaheb was associated with the Art of Living movement of Sri Sri Ravishankar even when he was doing his jobs and still an active member. He always had participated in the construtive activities of Art of Living movement. During Anna's fast at Delhi he took part in that agitation and huge repsonse to Anna's struggle gave boost to hidden urge in the heart of Darade. " I thought this is the right time to give proper direction to the energy in youths and to start constructive work. I wanted to do something for my village and area around from where I rose up. I wanted to pay back to my place and decided to get settle here," told Balasaheb while talking The Hitavada.
After coming back to Lonar, Balasaheb has now started to gather youths in Lonar and motivationg youths in and around the place. Presently he has decided to work on creating sustainable model village considering 12 developmental parameters such as health, hygiene, food, water, shelter, education, income generation/job creation, energy, social equity, connectivity, spiritual well being & public domain. He also eyes to empower youth and leaders in villages to take responsibilities to uplift life in villages. He knows that this is a very difficult and long process and results are not to get in immediate future. But this youth with dreamy eyes is hopeful about good results and believes that youths in rural parts will bring changes and boost the development process. He already has started efforts in that direction and meeting with several stakeholders to catalyse the development of Lonar and surround areas. He sees many things which can be counted and used for developing this rural part. He has chalked down some plans and started work on those plans.
" I believe that once you have achieved certain things, you must share those with others who need it most. I wants to serve for my motherland so I came back. I get satisfaction from this work. Journey has just begun and I have long terms goals. Youths are giving good response to me and I hope only good will come out of the collective efforts," shared Balasaheb.

Achievements and awards of Balasaheb Darade

* Resident Education and Development Outstanding Student Leader Award, University of Cincinnati, 2009.
* University Graduate Scholarship (UGS), University of Cincinnati, 2007-09.
* Outstanding Engineering Student award, IEEE, 2004.
* Outstanding Engineering Student, Dr B.A.M. University, 2003-04.
* Distinguished Alumni, JNEC Aurangabad.
* Government of India Scholarship for Engg Education 2001-2005
* LONAR RATNA, Award for Scientific Contribution for development of Lonar Crater, 2006.
* Best Paper Award (First position) in International conference on Systematics, Cybernetics and Informatics 2007
* First Prize: IMS (Indian Microelectronics Society Conference), 2005.
* First Prize: UG/PG Student Contest, IEEE Communication Society, 2004.
* First Prize: Hardware/software Project Contest, VIT IEEE SB, 2005.


Two new species at Lonar crater

In a shocking thruth came to fore, two new species are found in the famous Lonar crater in Buldana district which has proved that the salinity of Lonar crater is reducing and life structure at this meteoric crater is changing gradually. Scientists have confirmed this fact giving reason that the drainage in surrounding premices of the world famous crater is mixing in it and creating threat for the crater.
Lonar crater is the world's only meteoric impact crater in Basalt rock and has internatioal importance. Many renowned organisations and scientists are still doing research on the life in Lonar crater and many secrets are yet to be resolved. Till now, species eating Methane as well as with magnetic properties are also found here. Development of many life cycles are still going on in the Lonar crater and hence Lonar falls in highly protected natural places category. Unfortunately, due to excessive presence of humans in crater area, human interferance and encroachment has caused the threat to all pecularities of Lonar.
Khagol Vishwa, a Pune based organisation working in the field of Science has started the campaign for Lonar crater conservation and protection and recently did the survey at Lonar lake on Oct 2. Khagl Vishwa found two species Corixa and Eristalis larva or rat tailed maggot. These are the first species found in Lonar crater other than the microorganisms in Lonar. Development of life in Lonar lake is considered as impossible due to its high salinity but presence of Corixa and Eristalis larva have proved that the structure of Lonar crater has started Changing. As these two species are generally found in soft water, there presence at Lonar crater has proven that original properties of Lonar crater are changing.
National Center For Cell Science has started further study on these two species and senior zoologist Dr Hemant Ghate from Pune has done their identification. While speaking to The Hitavada Dr Ghate confirmed that these two species are generally found in fresh water and sewage water. " Eristalis larva is generally found in human sewage. Its presene in Lonar crater proves that sewage water is mixing with lake water at Lonar and causing the sewage pollution. Corixa is a species in fresh water and as it is found in Lonar it proves that the salinity of Lonar is decreasing. This may change the original life cycle at Lonar lake and it is necessary to take urgent steps to stop mixing of any other water than the original. Otherwise the rare lives at Lonar will come to an end due to human interferance, " said Dr Ghate.

LOnar crater is considered as around 50,000 years old crater and is young as compared to other craters in the world. It has extreme importance from geological and ecological point of view. Rare life cycles are developed here in saline water in adverse conditions. Existence of historical temples in and around crater, existence of numerous species in crater area and other biologically importance things make this crater elligible to be included in the list of world heritage. NASA, Smithsonian Institute, US Geological Survey, Geological Survey of India, National Center for CEll Sciences, Agharkar Research Institute, Pune, National Institute of Oceanography, IIts and many other universities are doing research on this crater since last two decades.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

छळ मांडला!!!

गेला एक-दीड महिना भटक-भटक भटकतो आहे. अगदी मेळघाट्च्या जंगलापासून ते केरळ-कन्याकुमारीपर्यन्त जाऊन आलो आहे. आयुष्यात पहिल्यान्दा सलग एवढा फ़िरलो असेल. माझे वाढलेले वजन बरेच कमि झाले हा एक महत्वाचा फ़ायदा धरुन इतर अनेक गोष्टी य सर्व प्रवासादरम्यान शिकायला मिळत गेल्या. अनेक अनुभव मिळत गेले, अनेक माणसे भेटलीत आणि मी आतुन सम्रुद्ध (हा शब्द देवनागरीत कस लिहू जर सान्गा बर) होत गेलो . निसर्गाची अनेकविध रुपे बघितलीत आणि अधिक शान्त होत गेलो. मग ते मेळघाटचे विस्तीर्ण जंगल असो कि कन्याकुमारीचा डोळे विस्फ़ारुन टाकणारा निळाशार समुद्र किंवा मग लोणारचे सरोवर! प्रत्येकच ठिकाणी स्वत:च्या खुजेपणाची जाणीव होत गेली. मनात विचार आला, आपण माणसे कशाचा आणि का एवढा माज करतो? या भव्य निसर्गासमोर आपला अस्तित्व तरी काय? आअपण तर अगदीच क:पदार्थ.
कदाचित असे विचार आणि असे अनुभवच आपल्याल खूप काही शिकवून जात असतील. म्हणूनच प्रवासाने मनुष्य शहाणा होतो असे म्हनत असतील, नाही का ?
हा निसर्ग, हे अनुभव, प्रवासात भेटलेली माणसे, मनात येणारे विचार सगळच काही शब्दात व्यक्त करत येणार नाही कारण काही अनुभव शब्दांच्या पलिकडलेही असतातच ना, आपल्या सर्वांचेच!
पण व्यक्त करता येण्यासारखही बरंच आहे! तेच शब्दात मांडण्याचा प्रयत्न करणार आहे. वज़्ज़र, धारगद, रायपुर, केरळ आणि लोणार!
मित्रांनो, छळ मांडला आहे, सहन करायला तयार रहा!