Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year of Hope!

And here the new year starts! One more time, lets pray for everything better! The year of new hope, new inspirations, new zeal, new freshness, new feel, new romanticism and new facts. The year of new dawn of better life has started. Keeping a step on the stone we turned last year, lets go on more height. Lets cross some more distance in the direction of everything that is good and noble.
This year's morning has peeped into my life with a great freshness. It has brought the message from somewhere that the new year will be better than last year. Today's morning came giving birth to some beautiful words in my mind. Consequently, those words spread on the paper in the form of a poem. Obviously, the poem reflects the happiness, which has come today to reside in me.
On this first day, let me demand something from The Almighty. I hope that I will come across good persons more than last year and give me some more friends. Hey God, give me huge number of and variety of experiences to enrich my life, give me the vision to see everything that is beautiful in the life and give me the power to make this world beautiful. The year has started beautifully and I hope that this beauty will continue to reach to lives of all of us.
The only thing I felt sorry about! Remember, in the last week or fortnight, entire world was expressing the big concern over climate change. The farce of Copenhegan was on mount and global warming had become the buzzword. For media people like us, the conference was as like festival and everybody was talking or writing on it. Yesterday night everything against that concern about climate occured and the fact came ahead crying that our concerns were so temporary and false. The fire works on the eve of arrival of new year at the midnight, might have done such a huge pollution about which we talk making a big mouth. But, media does not care about it nor does many others. Sound pollution and the garbage we would have done at various places, that is different. Developed and developing countries, both were jubiliating and polluting the world on yesterday night. Who should blame on whom? Hope we will become serious about this climate change issue and do something beyond conducting conferences in AC rooms, the most dangerous polluter!
Sorry for bringing this unpleasant topic amidst festive mood and ending here it immediately as I know that we all are happy and fresh today. I wish all of you a happy new year

Monday, August 3, 2009

I condemn this democracy!

Two political rivals, from same party, met once at a cross section. One is seating MLA as well as a minister while the another one is an aspiring candidate of assembly elections from the same constituency. Both are trying to overpower each other in getting assembly elections ticket. The minister says,” I built roads and flyovers, made the city beautiful, I am trying to bring industries in the SEZ sanctioned due to my efforts, brought the new airport, I am a close associate of former chief minister and have good connections with high command, what do you have”?. The another person replied “Mere Pass Maa Hai”!
This is the anecdote which is nowadays getting told in political and social spheres of Amravati. The minister is Dr.Sunil Deshmukh who has every right to demand a ticket for next assembly elections due to developmental works he has done while the aspiring candidate is Raosaheb Shekhawat, son of President of India, Pratibha Patil. Shekhawat has all of sudden emerged on political scene of Amravati since one year from nowhere, no need to mention due to backing of post of President of India. This is the story of entire political sphere of our country.
You must be remembering, Poonam Mahajan had made a cry on not getting Lok Sabha elections ticket. In these elections of Maharashtra, many political leaders of the state are trying to project their wards as their political heirs. Bhujbal, Pawar, Munde, Anand Adsul, Ranjit Deshmukh, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sushilkumar Shinde, Datta Meghe, Ranjit Deshmukh, Madhukar Sarpotdar, hundreds of Shikshan and Sahakar Maharshees and many others political leaders are trying to make grounds for their children in coming elections. Are we living in democracy? I have stopped believing in it. If these people are natural choices for candidature, what should a common party activist do, who spend his valuable days and years for party work? How can a common person be given a chance to represent people.
Few years back, Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janata Party used to give tickets to common party workers and made many leaders from those activists. But, this practice is stopped almost completely in all parties. Our shameless leaders ask, if a doctor’s son can become doctor, lawyer’s son can become lawyer why not a politician’s son become a politician? Hell with these shameless leaders. They are talking as if politics is a business and this country is their private property. Are we living in monarchy? Is this country is kingdom of these useless political leaders?
Government makes campaigns for increasing voting percentage. They appeal us to awake and vote for making our democracy stronger. But to whom should we vote when successors of well settled political leaders are only persons contesting elections just due to ability of spending more money earned by their fathers doing all malpractices. Then when will a common person get a real chance to participate in democracy, as mentioned by our constitution and which is buried in those large books only. I don’t believe that we are living in real democracy.
I condemn this political system and such ‘power-blinded’ leaders and their akas. If you think there is some sincerity in my feelings, please condemn this monarchial practice of India. Forward this to all your acquaintances, comment on it, discuss this at your meetings and gatherings, react on it. This will not only do things correct, but at least the subject will be discussed at many avenues. Many great things happen from some small starts only. Choice is yours!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please! Time is Precious

Is it so difficult to keep the time? Can't we reach at a particular place five minutes before the desired time? It must have been difficult, otherwise everyone would have reached at every place on time.

We meet once in a week for playing volleyball in the RSS shakha for college students. One of my friends reach there at least ten minutes late every time. He has hardly ever reached in any programme on time despite being in RSS, the organisation which boasts for discipline. This is not the case for RSS but for entire society.

During our college days, one of my friends was such an habitual latecomer. We used to decide one time for reaching at certain place, he used to start from his house on that time making others to wait for some more minutes. Once we were going for a camp and it was decided to meet on railway station on 7.30 p.m. at max. Departure time of train was 8 p.m. This 'delayer' friend of mine as usual came late and saw the face of railway station at 7.50 p.m.. Until he reached the station, we all remaining guys were calling him several times on mobile and getting frustrated only. His comment 'Gadi chooti Kya' was an addition in our anger.I always think, whether these habitual delayers ever think that they are wasting valuable time of other people. I am nowadays coming to conclusion that they hardly ever think about others.

The story of delays by 'politicos' is another topic of write up. More you delay, more your importance increases. Another facet is that people also do not reach in most of the programmes, political or cultural on time. Absence of listeners or viewers give excuses to delay by political leaders, orators and performers.

Latecomers irritate most n the cultural programme,cinema hall or in a lecture. They come late, then try to find their seat in dark, gives dashes to some people already seating in chair, they don't keep their mouth shut while searching for the seat and disturb few rows if not entire hall. Don't such people feel awkward by doing this?

Keeping the time, I feel, is the habit and definitely a good quality. Most people don't matter it, but the truth is that, if you are keeping the time, people for whom every second is important, also respect you, entertains you. Being in the field of journalism, I have experienced this during any number of meetings with so many important people. Most of them have lauded me for my habit of reaching on time, which is very uncommon in journalists at small place like Amravati.

But during all these years, I have wasted so many seconds, minutes, hours and days just because someone other delayed and we could not start the decided activity on decided time. Will I get those hours in my life back again? Why should I loose my life in such a way? But again, this entire frustration is of mine and those who are responsible for this, might not even have noticed this. They might have been delaying and wasting some others time. They are already delayed. How would they get time to listen this cry of mine?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why election fever is not there?

Money is finding its way and an array of election campaign rallies is seen all around, but nobody knows why, the enthusiasm in voters who are most important component of elections, is disappeared. All the aura created by media and politicians about elections has failed to capture the imagination of voters and the elections atmosphere is not yet created.
Elections are to be held from Apr 16 in the country. Since a week, all political parties and candidates have started full fledged campaigning and trying to reach every corner of the constituencies. Top brass of different parties have started addressing rallies, one after another in a day and appealing voters to vote for their candidates. But the problem is that using every 'funda' for campaigning and wooing voters, they are seeming most disinterested in the process and hardly showing any enthusaism in the proces. Discussions in small groups are occuring occasionally but the election fever in general is not visible anywhere. Candidates are organising
public meetings, corner meetings, Padyatras, scooter rallies, gatherings of different communitiesand are living no stone unturned to attract voters towards themselves but all is proving to be of little use.
Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal, former Lok Sabha President and SS leader Manohar Joshi, BJP state president Nitin Gadkari recently toured through Amravati district and held rallies. But, the attendance to these rallies was close to poor, comparing to the stature of leaders, and only showing extreme disinterest of people for going to such rallies. Candidates are taking out Padyatras and scooter railles but are not getting as many activists and enthusiasts to participate in it. Apart from paid activists and the mob brought by organisers, which is becoming a diffcult task for every party, the voluntary participation is very rare. In addition to this
lack of enthusiasm, the model code of conduct and fear of Election Commission have brought restrictions on candidates. The autorickshaws roaming through city, banners, posters, campaigning vehicles are disappeared from pictures which were used to be in ample number in earlier elections. Restrictions on spendings has brought constriants on free hand expenditure necessary for various aspects. So, it is only the media, activists with their 'interests' and politicians who are showing interests and involvement in election developments.
Many leaders of political parties have also agreed this in private that their events are not getting the response as expected. A state leader of a prominent party couple of days back attributed this disinterest to lack of faith in political parties including his own. According to him, due to unfaithful behaviour in parties and alliances, factions in parties, lack of character shown by political leaders, self centric attitude of people's representatives, their disassociation with common public and the rat-race for power have disillusioned voters in the country. Impression of the betrayal by political leaders is clearly visible in the lack of
enthusiasm among voters. Another leader of a state party said that barring a few leaders on national level, it is hard now to attract voters in the public meetings of political leaders. He also said that gone are the days, when people used to vote according to directions of a specific leader. Now, people think at themselves and vote to the candidate whom they want. These and some other reasons, but the fact is that, nobody knows exactly what is the their hidden in the minds of voters. It is yet to be seen whether this disinterest remains same in actual voting or anything otherwise would occur. It seems difficult that people will feel enthusistic in coming
eight days and will show enthusiasm using ballot machines.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Singh Is King

Politics In A TunnelManmohan Singh, GeorgeW. Bush, Aishwarya Rai and Sonia Gandhi were traveling in atrain. The train suddenly goes through a tunnel and it getscompletely dark. Suddenly there is a kissing sound and thena slap! The train comes out of the tunnel. Sonia and Manmohan are sitting there looking perplexed. Bush is bentover holding his face, which is red from an apparent slap.All of them remain diplomatic and nobody saysanything.Sonia is thinking:"This guy (Bush) is all crazy after Aishwarya. Bushmust have tried to kiss her in the tunnel. Very proper thatshe slapped him".Aishwarya is thinking:"Bush must have movedto kiss me, and kissed Soniainstead and got slapped."Bush is thinking:"Damn it! Manmohan must have tried to kiss Aishwarya,she thought it was me and slapped me."Manmohan Singh isthinking: "If this train goes through another tunnel, Icould make another kissing sound and slap Bushagain."Singh is King! Singh is King!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Efforts for bringing the village in mainstream

Pimpalzira Pardhi settlement is slowly changing its outlook and nature to start a new way of life. The community here is now thinking more on earning their livelihood through hard work instead of traditional 'professions' of hunting and doing thefts.Pardhis on this settlement has not yet left thefts and hunting completely but slowly moving towards other professions.
As told by Harish Bhosale, the Beda tried to do collective farming at nearby land. " They also took some crops like brinjals, popaya and ladies finger in last few seasons. Some people have started sheep and goat farming to earn bread and butter for the family while some others are taking cotton in their land. They are now thinking on fish farming in the well just behind the settlement which will not only satissfy some need of food but also earn some pennies for them. We are thinking on banning the hunting thoroughly. Many people have already stopped begging even," Bhosale said. Moving ahead from where they are, Pardhi people lead by Bhosale has prepared a combine saving group of men and women.
Harish is now planning to organise a cleanliness campaign at Pimpalzira. equipments for daily cleanliness at house and village will be provided and some prizes will also be given to people doing good work for this. I am also thinking on propogating de-addicition programme by doing some street plays, he revealed. Now, Harish is working on the development of Pardhi and Bharadi community at settlements near Pimpalzira. People at Pimpalzira and other Bedas are now striving for getting electricity and water connection. One can see these people busy in filling in various forms of resepctive departments by their hands or with the help of some others.
The man who worked tirelessely for bringing good days to his people has also brought changes in his family also setting an example for others. His wife Sangita was totally illiterate at the time or marriage. When their first child started going to school, she also felt about getting the education. Harish taught her for one year or so and now Sangita is successfully writing his name, can do signature as well as can read. She proudly says that her husband behaves differently than how other Pardhi men treat their wives. Sangita now goes at village school and also take care that every student should get afternoon meal adequately. Pardhis do not believe in using a toilet and hence sanitation is still a big problem. Now, Bhosale himself is building a laterine at his home showing a way for others. It is not that every problem of Pimpalzira has been sorted out totally. People in main Pimpalzira village are still allege that thefts by Pardhis have not stopped. Addiction, disputes, quarrels have not yet ended completely. Inspite of all odds and many failures, Bhosale has not put down his shoulders. After all demoralising incidents, he vows to work more from here till the sunlight becomes fresh and clear.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Enlightenment at Pardhi Beda in Amravati district

No one can change the entire world and all persons around him even after taking enormous efforts. But everyone can light at least one small lamp in his or her corner to end the darkness surrounding him or her and thus things can be changed. This has been proved by a small but slightly more enlightened activist in Pardhi community who is not only striving for changing the destiny of his family but also of some Pardhi settlements including his.

Harish Bhosale has, with his efforts, definitely brought about some transformation at the Pimpalzira settlement in the Amravati district. His family do not have any educational background but his father whose main profession was nothing but hunting, sent his three sons and a daughter to a school. Harish completed his HSSC in horticulture and presently working in MIDC. He used to be worried seeing the plight of Pardhis at his settlement and that gave rise to a will of working for his people.

He started working for an NGO and tried to send maximum students of Pimpalzira to schools. Pardhi community has become a symbol of addiction, disgust, repulsion, unhigenic living. It is also identified with quarrels, thefts and crimes and many other things. Harish took the inititative and told students and their parents about importance of education, cleanliness and health care. He asked some teachers from Zilla Parishad schools to come to the settlement to convince students to go to school. The result is quite visible now and most of the students are going to schools. Parents are also insisting on giving education to their wards which they were not fortunate enough to get.

Lack of hygine is the most visible thing at any Pardhi settlement but Pimpalzira is proving to be an exception to that. Gradually but definitely, the 'Beda' is transforming into a clean place to reside as everybody is taking care of personal and collective hygiene. Meetings were taken to stop addiction and decision was taken to give up liquor consumption at the settlement. After many months of consistent efforts, some Pardhi people at Pimpalzira have given up liquor. All these things had it positive impact on the settlement as quarrels have come down and cases of domestic violence have reduced.

Harish has, with the help of some other youths, formed a Panchayat and it was decided that every dispute will be sorted out at the Panchayat and no quarrel will turn into a crime. "In last 10 years, not a single case against any person at Pimpalzira settlement has been registered in the crime diary of police, thanks to the Panchayat and people's contribution to it," told Harish. Working since last 10 years, Harish Bhosale has, with the help of some NGOs, turned the Pimpalzira settlement's outlook and mindset. Wandering from one place to other is the destiny of this unfortunate community. But now, Pimpalzira Pardhi settlement residents have settled down in real terms. The Beda has 40 families and 38 out of these have got their houses in government schemes like Gharkul or Indira Awas scheme. The settlement is now on the verge of making a new beginning.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The silk route for Vidarbhian farmers

By Mandar Moroney

State Silk Park in Amravati, the first of its type in the country, is heading towards a thorough guidance place for farmers as well as tourists and educational spot for students. The silk directorate and silk park in city are empowering farmers to earn their alternative income using silk route. The Silk department was a part of Khadi Gramodyog board earlier. In 1997, with the view of developing silk industry in the state, a separate Silk directorate was set up which has its headquarter at Nagpur. Under this directorate, a silk park has been formed in the city which was inaugurated last year. The silk park has now become the asset for the city as well as farmers esepcially in Vidarbha. The park has 18 acres of land and out of that, highly productive Mulberry variety has been planted on eight acres. There is also a silkworm rearing house, cocoons and silk thread formation centers at this park. Here, directorate has developed all these things to give demonstrations to farmers who are willing to do this business. Eggs are developed here at the park using Mulberry leaves, scientifically, after which silkworm starts weaving the Cocoons around itself. After a period of 20 to 25 days, these fully woven cocoons are taken out from trays and then are dried into the drying machine where all worms are killed. Then separating these died worms, cocoons are heated and converted into silk thread using machine. The entire procedure can be seen at the Silk park as all machineries and equipments are available here to do the same. Recently, the silk directorate has started arranging trainings of farmers at this park to give the detail technical knowledge about this supplementary business. " We take 30 people in one batch lasting for seven days. We give them knowledge of every little thing necessary for beneficial silk farming and increasing the productivity. Along with theoratical knowledge, they get the chance to see actual work at the park and to understand its method. In addition to that, we arrange their tours at the places of farmers who are doing silk farming, successfully," informed P. N. Chalpelliwar, Assistant Director of Regional Silk Office, Amravati. According to Chalpelliwar, Mulberry farming is more beneficial than cotton or soyabean farming. If farmers have some acres of land, irrigation facility and adequate indoor area, then this side business is of good profit as there is no threat of whims of nature in it. Even if land is not available, farmers can take silkworm eggs from department and can bring back cocoons to it. Silk department provides eggs, variety of Mulberry, gives training of doing this work, various things necessary for it and also buys back the cacoons from farmers. As there are no middlemen in it and government is giving assurance of buying cocoons, there are no chances of cheating of farmers, says Chalpelliwar. Presently, Government is giving price of Rs. 15,000 per quintal of cacoons to farmers, he claimed. Till now, 150 beneficiaries have taken benefit of silk park and are doing this business. The department is aiming at developing the park and has planned to construct farm lake, nursery and to avail demonstrations of 'silk to milk' supplementary business. Schools now also have started bringing educational trips of students here and the frequency will increase after complete development. Chalpelliwar appealed farmers as well as other people to take benefit of this novel park in Vidarbha.

Monday, January 5, 2009

tribals learning diamond faceting.

Moving away from traditional jobs like honey hunting and bamboo arts or working as labourers on government works tribal youths in the district are going down the 'Diamonds Way' these days to get a cutting edge to life. Government along with a private institute training tribal youths of
faceting to diamonds so that they can stand on their feet in future. Tribal pDevelopment department has the scheme of training tribal youths in delicate and cumbersome
work of faceting the raw diamonds. Shri Chandan diamond institute from Amravati and tribal
development department took initiative in that and decided to implement this programme.
Additional Tribal Commissioner G.P.Garad and Vishwas Sherekar, Director of the institute,
finalised the thing and confirmed to implement the programme. Now Chandan Diamond institute is
running a three months programme from Jan 1 and 50 students have been enrolled in that. Tribal
department selected 50 youths from Dharani, Chikhaldara, Chandur Bajar, Teosa, Chandur Railway
along with some from Pardhi community. These youths are getting all practical and theoratical
lessons in the institute and opprtunity to work directly on diamonds. On a raw diamond, student
learn to do Brutting, Table Cut (one facet), bottom making (24 facet), top making (32 facet)
after which a polished diamond is created having 57 facets. Youths are getting first hand
experience of working along with thorough basic knowledge. " I am dreaming of making a diamond cottage industry here in Amravati as like Sachin Diamond Park
in Utna town near Surat in Gujrat. Presently, around 3 to 4 lakh workers in Maharashtra are
working at Gujrat as labourers. I want to settle those trained labourers at here in Amravati and
also dreaming for creating small scale industrialists. We will give jobs to these trained
students in April this year," informed Sherekar. Chandan Institute is aiming on making small
industrialists in diamond faceting. Sherekar has also shown readiness to provide raw material and
buy finished products from these small industries. He has aimed to train around 1000-1500 persons
in future and to settle them in industry.Students who are undergoing training since Jan 1 are learning details and intricacies of diamond
work under the guidance of experienced teachers who have worked in diamond industry for more than
10 years. Playing with eye glass, tang and machines tribal youths are trying to shape diamonds as
well as their careers. " I have accepted the challenge of giving jobs to 80 percent of these
trainees and hoping for fulfillment of that," said Sherekar.