Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why election fever is not there?

Money is finding its way and an array of election campaign rallies is seen all around, but nobody knows why, the enthusiasm in voters who are most important component of elections, is disappeared. All the aura created by media and politicians about elections has failed to capture the imagination of voters and the elections atmosphere is not yet created.
Elections are to be held from Apr 16 in the country. Since a week, all political parties and candidates have started full fledged campaigning and trying to reach every corner of the constituencies. Top brass of different parties have started addressing rallies, one after another in a day and appealing voters to vote for their candidates. But the problem is that using every 'funda' for campaigning and wooing voters, they are seeming most disinterested in the process and hardly showing any enthusaism in the proces. Discussions in small groups are occuring occasionally but the election fever in general is not visible anywhere. Candidates are organising
public meetings, corner meetings, Padyatras, scooter rallies, gatherings of different communitiesand are living no stone unturned to attract voters towards themselves but all is proving to be of little use.
Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal, former Lok Sabha President and SS leader Manohar Joshi, BJP state president Nitin Gadkari recently toured through Amravati district and held rallies. But, the attendance to these rallies was close to poor, comparing to the stature of leaders, and only showing extreme disinterest of people for going to such rallies. Candidates are taking out Padyatras and scooter railles but are not getting as many activists and enthusiasts to participate in it. Apart from paid activists and the mob brought by organisers, which is becoming a diffcult task for every party, the voluntary participation is very rare. In addition to this
lack of enthusiasm, the model code of conduct and fear of Election Commission have brought restrictions on candidates. The autorickshaws roaming through city, banners, posters, campaigning vehicles are disappeared from pictures which were used to be in ample number in earlier elections. Restrictions on spendings has brought constriants on free hand expenditure necessary for various aspects. So, it is only the media, activists with their 'interests' and politicians who are showing interests and involvement in election developments.
Many leaders of political parties have also agreed this in private that their events are not getting the response as expected. A state leader of a prominent party couple of days back attributed this disinterest to lack of faith in political parties including his own. According to him, due to unfaithful behaviour in parties and alliances, factions in parties, lack of character shown by political leaders, self centric attitude of people's representatives, their disassociation with common public and the rat-race for power have disillusioned voters in the country. Impression of the betrayal by political leaders is clearly visible in the lack of
enthusiasm among voters. Another leader of a state party said that barring a few leaders on national level, it is hard now to attract voters in the public meetings of political leaders. He also said that gone are the days, when people used to vote according to directions of a specific leader. Now, people think at themselves and vote to the candidate whom they want. These and some other reasons, but the fact is that, nobody knows exactly what is the their hidden in the minds of voters. It is yet to be seen whether this disinterest remains same in actual voting or anything otherwise would occur. It seems difficult that people will feel enthusistic in coming
eight days and will show enthusiasm using ballot machines.