Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please! Time is Precious

Is it so difficult to keep the time? Can't we reach at a particular place five minutes before the desired time? It must have been difficult, otherwise everyone would have reached at every place on time.

We meet once in a week for playing volleyball in the RSS shakha for college students. One of my friends reach there at least ten minutes late every time. He has hardly ever reached in any programme on time despite being in RSS, the organisation which boasts for discipline. This is not the case for RSS but for entire society.

During our college days, one of my friends was such an habitual latecomer. We used to decide one time for reaching at certain place, he used to start from his house on that time making others to wait for some more minutes. Once we were going for a camp and it was decided to meet on railway station on 7.30 p.m. at max. Departure time of train was 8 p.m. This 'delayer' friend of mine as usual came late and saw the face of railway station at 7.50 p.m.. Until he reached the station, we all remaining guys were calling him several times on mobile and getting frustrated only. His comment 'Gadi chooti Kya' was an addition in our anger.I always think, whether these habitual delayers ever think that they are wasting valuable time of other people. I am nowadays coming to conclusion that they hardly ever think about others.

The story of delays by 'politicos' is another topic of write up. More you delay, more your importance increases. Another facet is that people also do not reach in most of the programmes, political or cultural on time. Absence of listeners or viewers give excuses to delay by political leaders, orators and performers.

Latecomers irritate most n the cultural programme,cinema hall or in a lecture. They come late, then try to find their seat in dark, gives dashes to some people already seating in chair, they don't keep their mouth shut while searching for the seat and disturb few rows if not entire hall. Don't such people feel awkward by doing this?

Keeping the time, I feel, is the habit and definitely a good quality. Most people don't matter it, but the truth is that, if you are keeping the time, people for whom every second is important, also respect you, entertains you. Being in the field of journalism, I have experienced this during any number of meetings with so many important people. Most of them have lauded me for my habit of reaching on time, which is very uncommon in journalists at small place like Amravati.

But during all these years, I have wasted so many seconds, minutes, hours and days just because someone other delayed and we could not start the decided activity on decided time. Will I get those hours in my life back again? Why should I loose my life in such a way? But again, this entire frustration is of mine and those who are responsible for this, might not even have noticed this. They might have been delaying and wasting some others time. They are already delayed. How would they get time to listen this cry of mine?