Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year of Hope!

And here the new year starts! One more time, lets pray for everything better! The year of new hope, new inspirations, new zeal, new freshness, new feel, new romanticism and new facts. The year of new dawn of better life has started. Keeping a step on the stone we turned last year, lets go on more height. Lets cross some more distance in the direction of everything that is good and noble.
This year's morning has peeped into my life with a great freshness. It has brought the message from somewhere that the new year will be better than last year. Today's morning came giving birth to some beautiful words in my mind. Consequently, those words spread on the paper in the form of a poem. Obviously, the poem reflects the happiness, which has come today to reside in me.
On this first day, let me demand something from The Almighty. I hope that I will come across good persons more than last year and give me some more friends. Hey God, give me huge number of and variety of experiences to enrich my life, give me the vision to see everything that is beautiful in the life and give me the power to make this world beautiful. The year has started beautifully and I hope that this beauty will continue to reach to lives of all of us.
The only thing I felt sorry about! Remember, in the last week or fortnight, entire world was expressing the big concern over climate change. The farce of Copenhegan was on mount and global warming had become the buzzword. For media people like us, the conference was as like festival and everybody was talking or writing on it. Yesterday night everything against that concern about climate occured and the fact came ahead crying that our concerns were so temporary and false. The fire works on the eve of arrival of new year at the midnight, might have done such a huge pollution about which we talk making a big mouth. But, media does not care about it nor does many others. Sound pollution and the garbage we would have done at various places, that is different. Developed and developing countries, both were jubiliating and polluting the world on yesterday night. Who should blame on whom? Hope we will become serious about this climate change issue and do something beyond conducting conferences in AC rooms, the most dangerous polluter!
Sorry for bringing this unpleasant topic amidst festive mood and ending here it immediately as I know that we all are happy and fresh today. I wish all of you a happy new year